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  • Foot Switch

    No more reaching for the on/off switch with a fragile piece in the path of the blade!The Foot Switch plugs into any three prong outlet. You then plug the saw into the switch. This now allows you to leave your scroll saw in...

  • 36" LED Articulated Mag Light

    The Mag Light allows you to magnify the area you are working on and provides more direct lighting.The 45" Articulated Mag Light comes standard with a 3 Diop lens (1.75x magnification) for better visual reference when making...

  • Accessory Table

    A small table that mounts to the left side of a Hawk Scroll Saw.The Accessory Table from Hawk attaches to the left side of the saw base using the leg bolt, it's wing resting on the top of the base for support. This comes...

  • Blade Tube for Accessory Tray

    Replacement tube for the accessory tray.  These are sold individually.

  • Leg Extension Kit

    Two Extensions per Kit!This Leg Extension Kit allows you to tilt your saw forward to see your work more easily. Intended for the back legs, you will need to purchase two kits if you have an especially tall stool or want to...

  • Drip Tank

    A Drip Tank for use with Diamond BladesThe Drip Tank is especially useful when cutting glass as it keeps the blade and material cool for a cleaner, more accurate cut. Also, when cutting glass and similar material, a Diamond...

  • 3 Diop Lens for Mag Light

    Standard replacement lens for Mag LightThe 3 Diop (1.75x magnification) is the standard replacement lens for the Mag Light. It is a 5" Lens.

  • Drill Bit #71